Extensions for taps

These extensions allow the use of standard length taps in long reach, inaccessible and hard to reach applications i.e. close to component walls or projections or in deep recesses or cavities.
These tools offer a highly efficient, high quality & cost effective solution to extend the reach of your standard taps.

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Our range of tap extensions can be used in all types of quick change tap holders, collet chucks and tap chucks, just like your normal taps. Used for tapping internal threads located in extreme positions, in deep cavities, close to a wall or any inaccessible location on any different component, all the difficulties of special tool manufacture can be eliminated and the following advantages can be enjoyed:

  • Cost effective, economical option to ordering special taps.
  • No long waiting time for special tap manufacturing.
  • Short delivery time on standard items.

The combinations of Standard tap extension and standard tap is a simple cost effective solution, no other special parts or special adaptors are required. The front of the tap extension has a built in collet, which is clamped by tightening the knurled cap (by hand) and the drive torque is transmitted through an internal square. The rear of the extension has a diameter and square which is equivalent to a similar tap size, except for the smallest sizes which have a shank and square size equivalent to a larger size of tap.
Our extensions cover tap sizes from (M2) TE1 to (M42) TE18 in all models in the range, standard extensions type TE, through coolant type TE-IK, and high precision type TE-IK-h6.

* We also manufacture special extensions to your own dimensions.